Your golden chance to practice public speaking, develop your debating skills, learn how to act like a diplomat and discover the global leader inside you!

Are you passionate about international relationships, diplomacy, and human rights? Do you feel the urge to voice your arguments to your digital device’s screen while you are watching the U.S Presidential debates (or any other debate)? Would you like to learn how the United Nations decision-making bodies work, while discussing the most salient international topics?

You can do all of the above and even more at Model United Nations Albania!

Model United Nations conferences are the places where you develop many different skills; expand your knowledge about the world and your horizons in ways you can’t imagine. All this while having fun and making lots of new friends.

The conference lasts for 5 days and involves an educational component in the form of a Workshop held by a diplomat or a human rights expert, followed by three days of simulation of one of the committees of the UN. Delegates will be required to submit a Position Paper beforehand, and wear formal attire during the conference.

Don’t hesitate and apply to experience this amazing event!


MUNs can be highly addictive and can cause post-MUN depression. Before applying for MUN Albania, consult your friends at UNYAA.