By Ergisa Bejkollari, FOX News, Unbiased Reporting Agency

As world leaders showed diverse views on how to overcome the global crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the USA representative was stormed with a series of questions on the situation. Deliberating on their response to the crisis, US representative, Silvana Rusi stated that the country is showing real leadership in handling the crisis.

“We are producing a vaccine in record time and we have banned travel with China, origin country of the pandemic.” When asked about their stand toward the World Health Organization, the representative showed concern about countries who have not fully honored their commitments to WHO, in terms of funding. “The United States of America is of the most powerful of economies, so every action that undermines the economy needs to be scrutinized. However, we take our time to evaluate the situation and we have also delivered aid to other countries”, she added. On the current domestic situation of the US marked by protests, USA addresses the concern of the delegation of South Africa emphasizing the states stance in respecting every right to protest.

During an interview for Fox News, the US representative mentioned two possible options that would change the country’s decision on leaving the World Health Organization. “Just as we have stated from the very beginning, the W.H.O needs to hold China accountable for withholding information from the very start, inevitably leading to the situation. One other important thing would be for WHO to move away from their bureaucratic approach, to call out every single member country of the United Nations to contribute in financial terms and take on their share of responsibility. US taxpayers cannot continue to be the policeman for every situation that China causes”.

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