Earlier this afternoon, we reached His Excellency, the Honorable Delegate of the Russian Federation. In an exclusive interview with RT the Delegate of Russia has expressed their willingness to create a common working table with the United States, and remarked that, at the moment, he does not see the US as a threat.

In a separate individual interview, the Delegate of the United States of America stated that they share Russia’s enthusiasm about denuclearization. They added that Russia is not the enemy, but a potential partner.

When asked about the treaty, which would call for reducing the number of active nuclear weapons – the US Delegate said that they are eager to do so, as long as the reduction happens proportionally. In other words, if every nuclear state does it, so will the US.

The US believes that the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was a necessary evil at the time, and adds that since 1945 there has been no great incident. They believe that this is the case, because the world witnessed the damage it caused, and saw how immense its power truly is. But is it truly as the U.S states or just a justification for it’s desire for expansion?

From this we can conclude that the US prefers the world in a state of fear, rather than in a state of peace and harmony.

The following articles are part of our Model UN Conference. Their content is not based on real events and therefore do not represent the values and actions of the people and organizations mentioned in them.

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