Gazprom has confirmed that according to their investigations, the gas leak and the explosion it caused around the Moldovan-Ukrainian border near the disputed region of Transnistria, were caused by Tiraspoltransgas not following safety regulations.

Tiraspoltransgas has been under spotlight recently. The UN Economic and Social Council discussed the nature of its ownership as both a Gazprom subsidiary and an unrecognized national company of the de-facto country of Transnistria.

A Gazprom executive recently addressed the OSCE as well, about the security implications of the explosion, and has assured the organisation that they shall carry out their own investigation into the issue. OSCE is now debating the possibility of launching an independent investigation as well.

UN Women also debated how the company uses its leverage to force women into prostitution and their involvement in human trafficking, but has decided not to address the issue in an official statement.

In light of all these events, Gazprom has decided to fire the current CEO of Tiraspoltransgas and replace him with Igor Musatov, an ex-Gazprom executive who served as a KGB agent in the 80s to the position.

Igor is a quite controversial personality. During the soviet involvement in Afghanistan he was court marshalled for multiple cases of sexual harassment and violence against women.
In his first press conference, he assured the Transnistrian and Ukrainian public that with the help of Gazprom, they will soon fix all damages caused by the explosion.

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