Before the conference, as a journalist, you will be responsible for conducting your background research, whether it be gathering basic information on relevant topics or preparing tricky interview questions.

At the Conference, the role of the journalist becomes very dynamic and exciting as you become both a passive and an active participant in the simulation. You will investigate committee debates, conduct interviews, write articles, and cover press conferences.

Your work will be published in the Chronicle, Simulation Game’s daily newspaper, and read by all the participants. Additionally, Twitter handles will be given and delegates will be required to tweet as often as possible to make the simulation as realistic as possible.

You will also be required to write opinion pieces in the name of the News Agency that you will represent. Overall, the role of a Journalist is one of the most interesting and enriching roles that a participant could be assigned to so we would very much encourage you to apply as a Journalist.

Journalists are not required to have any previous experience in journalism. Individuals with strong communication, written, verbal, and analytical skills are more than welcome.


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