One of the biggest news made this day was related to the treaty signed by The Delegation of Moldova, The Delegation of Transnistria and the delegation off Russia. The delegations agreed to create the Federation of Moldova.

Many discussions were present during the OSCE committee, but what we noticed was that the majority of the delegates, mostly EU countries, found this treaty unlawful and breaking their own constitutions laws.

On an interview for the Guardian, The UK Delegation stated that the treaty was an internal decision made by Moldova in cooperation with Transnistria and Russia. United Kingdom believes that they have the right to do whatever they want with their country, but not against their own constitution.  The change happened against their own laws, meaning they do not respect their own people. Therefore the cut all diplomatic ties with them, because this can not be tolerated.

The USA Delegation expressed their deepest concern on the situation and they as USA have withdrawn their recognition of Moldova independence and will not recognize Moldovan passports and every Moldovan citizens living in USA will be treated as asylum seekers. They have cut all political and economic ties with Moldova. Moldova violated their own constitution by not having a referendum.  According to the USA the government is not credible enough to make such decision. They will do everything possible to not escalate this problem more.

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