A delegate: A delegate is a participant who represents the position of a country other than his country of origin and deliberate on issues from the country’s perspective, and NOT the delegate’s perspective or point of view.

It will be wrong for a MUN Delegate to argue from his/her perspective which contradicts that of the country he/she is representing.

During this conference, delegates will be assigned into groups of two called delegations. Participating as a delegation eases the burden on delegates since most preparations are jointly done. A Model United Nations delegation is always led by a Head Delegate. The head delegate will be appointed by the selection team and will be given to the most experienced delegate who has a good track record and has the required skills (experience, organizational skills, leadership skills) and knowledge to lead a team.

In addition to the responsibilities of a normal delegate, the duties of a Head Delegate usually include: delivering the opening speech, holding multiple discussions with the team in preparation for a conference, ensuring that all delegates maintain discipline at all times, and delivering statements to the press.

Even though the Head Delegate will have the leading role, all the above-mentioned duties will be shared with the other delegate that is going to be part of the delegation as well, so if you want to grow and have tons of fun there is no need to apply as a Head Delegate.

IMPORTANT: Delegations will be randomly assigned by the Secretariat, but if you wish to be grouped with a certain delegate, make sure to tick the box in the application form that says “Apply as Delegation” and write the name of the delegate you wish to be grouped with.

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