Simulation Game is a small-scale Model UN, established in 2019, with the purpose of bringing an educational simulation of the decision-making organs of the United Nations to the Albanian youth.

Simulation Game has been conceived as an integral and complementary part of the MUN Albania Initiative, inspired by the aptitude of MUN conferences to serve as powerful platforms of non-formal education, alongside the need to further educate the Albanian youth on MUNs and diplomacy in general.

In the framework of implementing the UN75 dialogue in our country, this edition of Simulation Game will be a 2 days-long event in which a group of young Albanians, aged 16-28 years old, will be brought together to participate in the simulation of a high-level meeting of the 75th UN General Assembly taking place this September.

The event will be held under the topic: “Reaffirming the UN collective commitment to multilateralism”, aiming to promote and foster the importance of multilateralism, dialogue, and international cooperation in dealing with fundamental issues and recent global developments.

By taking the roles of Heads of States, the participants will address the real concerns and suggestions gathered by the #UN75 survey and other activities. The common goal is that the Member States will create a shared vision of the future they want.

During this conference, you can either be a delegate or a journalist. Click here for more information on the role of a delegate or here to find out more about the journalist role.

This activity will be held entirely in English offering everyone the opportunity to exercise foreign language skills and diplomatic jargon.

At the end of the conference, the participants will be equipped with certificates of participation.

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