As the General Assembly session is peacefully taking place inside of a high-level security building, just in front of it the protestors are surrounded by the military officers, having to endure a constant fear of them taking action and undergoing brutal measures to keep order. 

Military-style vehicles designed for the battlefield were deployed by local police during recent protests in front of the UN Headquarters in New York City. So far there hasn’t been any report about the incidents during the peaceful protest. In other words, the military officers have not taken any action yet, but we must ask ourselves – is the military even necessary, are the armored military-style vehicles truly needed for this event?

Is this supposed to make us feel safe? When did ‘fear’ become a synonym for ‘security’? The GA is discussing safety in a safe and secure environment, while the people are once again faced with a direct threat just outside the headquarters. Once more, there is a clear and colossal gap between talking about security and feeling safe in the real world – fenced in by helmets, riot shields, and guns.


The following articles are part of our Model UN Conference. Their content is not based on real events and therefore do not represent the values and actions of the people and organizations mentioned in them.

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