The golden hue of sunsets tends to paint dark shadows even in the most brightly lit places; capturing the dual-nature of leadership and our very own secretariat. Grab your best detective gears and get ready to uncover their identities: 

Luca Tesei Li Bassi
Secretary General

Luca Tesei Li Bassi holds a bachelor in international development and cooperation, and a master in IR and diplomacy from the University of Bologna. In Bologna, Luca co-founded the local MUN club, which he presided over during the organization of the city’s first MUN conference in 2016.

In past years, he has chaired more than ten UN simulations, in Italy and abroad – including the 2019 edition of MUN Albania.

Luca also holds a MA in International Affairs from Johns Hopkins University, where he graduated with a thesis discussing the Italian law against FGM/C. His work was awarded the René Cassin Award (2019) for best theses in human rights. 

Completed his studies, Luca has worked for the Gender Advisor of EULEX, within the Civil Society and Gender Unit of the OSCE Presence in Albania, and for ILS LEDA, a global network of local economic development agencies. Most recently, he has worked with CEL, one of the leading LGBT rights organizations in Kosovo.

He keeps focusing on gender, law and development.

Silvana Rusi
Under Secretary General

Silvana Rusi has graduated with honors from the French Lycée of Korça. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the Faculty of Law, University of Tirana and is currently attending a Master in EU Legislation and Institutions at the Institute for European Studies in Tirana.

Silvana has won first and second place in a number of prestigious international Moot Courts held in Albania, Hungary and the UK, with a special focus on the national and international dimension of human rights, media Law, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights. Apart from her engagement with the United Nations Youth Association Albania, she has also chairing experience in EU simulations held in Tirana.

Since October 2018, Silvana has assisted the Deputy Minister of Justice of Albania, in matters dealing with the fight against corruption, the justice reform and the EU integration process of Albania.

Silvana continues focusing her studies and professional career in human rights, rule of law and democracy, sustainable development and ethical aspects of the law.

Gianmaria Genetlici

Gianmaria “Jean” Genetlici (class of 1992) holds a BA in Political Sciences and Economic Development, completed with a thesis on macroprudential policies, followed by an MSc in International Economics, closed with a dissertation about economic voting modelling and forecasting. And yet, despite this promising start in the field, he chose to pursue his passion for IT while picking his career path: he is currently employed as software developer and data engineer at ABN AMRO, an international bank with its headquarters in Amsterdam (where he lives).

Nevertheless, despite life bringing him far away for international politics and economic issues, he never really let MUNs go. In fact, these conferences still hold a very special place in Gian’s heart. After starting in 2010 as a simple (and rather clueless) delegate for the NHSMUN in New York, during his high school years, he totally fell in love with MUNs and kept being involved in conferences ever since.

His most challenging (and rewarding) experiences have probably been his (first) chairing position for GA2 (ECOFIN) within the 2013 National MUN in New York and his Conference Staff position for the “Roman Senate” Crisis Committee within the 2016 Harvard MUN conference in Rome.

Arlind Kamberi

Arlind Kamberi is a 100% scholarship sophomore at Ernest Koliqi high school in Tirana. Currently, he is appointed as the representative of Albania at Benjamin Franklin Transatlantic Institute 2021, a democracy exchange programme by the US Department of State in Washington DC and Indiana, USA.

His involvement in MUN simulations started in 2019, with UNYAA’s Simulation Game Albania. Since then, Arlind has participated in more than 10 MUNs worldwide receiving different prizes, such as Best Delegate at ISO MUN 2020 Iasi, Romania and Honorable Mention at SALIENT MUN 2020 Slovenia and Simulation game 2020 Albania.  He has been the only representative from Albania at the Harvard MUN 2021 online edition and also will be participating at HARVARD MUN 2022 in Boston. This is his second chairing experience, after chairing the UNHRC committee at External Mock Debate 2021. Also, he is one of the 5 finalists of the UN75 Essay Competition in Albania, organised by the UN Office. 

Arlind has been a member of UNYA Albania since 2019 and has been involved in much other youth NGOs in Albania, such as Graduated Student from Code for Albania 2019-2022 (sponsored by Stanford University,  USA), Outdoor Ambassador Albania, US Embassy Youth Council Tirana,  and Zero Waste Initiative Albania. Besides his involvement in debates, international relations and climate action initiatives, Arlind loves science, especially biology and chemistry. His future plans of study are focusing on Biomedical Engineering in an Ivy League university in the USA, focusing on gene editing tools and biomedical technologies on curing degenrative diseases. 

 Arlind is fluent in Albanian, English, German and Italian.

Ivana Širinić
Editor in Chief

Ivana Širinić holds a BA in German and Russian language and literature studies at the University of Zagreb. Apart from being fluent in Croatian and English, she has a basic knowledge of Italian, and during her time at the university she took courses in French and Spanish. Languages are a big part of her academic and everyday life, and she hopes to pursue a career in translating. Recently, she has taken part in an online NYI conference (The NY-St. Petersburg Institute of Linguistics, Cognition and Culture), where she participated in a translation seminar and had the opportunity to read her translation at the closing ceremony. 

The insatiable hunger for information, the passion for research, and the desire to improve her communication skills led her to multiple MUN simulations. She participated in MUN conferences in Hamburg, Ljubljana, Salamanca, Mostar, Zagreb, and Sarajevo. She was presented with two Best Journalist Awards, acted as Editor in Chief twice, and as a Crisis Manager once. 

Ivana is very interested in literature, particularly Russian literature, choosing the prose work of Lyudmila Petrushevskaya for the topic of her BA thesis. 

She is currently applying for MA studies in Germany and Austria, and hopes to move to Russia one day. 

Gladiola Lleshi

Gladiola holds a Bachelor’s of Law degree from Luarasi University and is particularly focused on EU and International law. Her academic background varies from law to psychology, social care and the intersection of these disciplines. Her first introduction with MUNs was in 2019 as a participant in Simulation Game Albania. Gladiola then went on to take part in MUNs in Tirana and Sarajevo. This will be her first chairing experience.


In addition, throughout her studies Gladiola has participated in moot courts and trainings focused on human rights issues on a national and international level. As an active member of UN Youth Association Albania, she has conceptualized, coordinated and implemented various activities targeting youth issues and global challenges with a focal point on local communities. Currently, Gladiola is part of the FutureGov Fellows 2021 at the Center for Policy Innovation.


Gladiola is an avid activist of various social issues, particularly gender equality and disability rights, volunteering for the Down Syndrome Albania Foundation. She is passionate about writing and research on citizen engagement, democratic processes and policy-making.