MUN Lab 2021 took place on May the 1st and 8th at University of New York Tirana. This activity is part of the MUN Initiative implemented by UNYA Albania which includes several events, such as Mock Debate, Simulation Game and the MUN Albania. 

The main idea of this activity is to train young people on the basics of a MUN conference. They learned everything there is to know about the MUN, specific roles such as delegates and journalists, and they improved the skills needed for such a conference, starting from public speaking, negotiating, researching and debating skills. 

This year’s MUN Lab was separated into a two-day activity, the first day was dedicated to young people who wanted to learn more about MUN and wanted to take part in a future one. The second day was tailored specifically to train the members of UNYA Albania on how to organize a large-scale event such as the MUN conference. 

For the first day, there were two trainers, Luca Tesei Li Bassi, Secretary General of MUN Albania 2021 was physically and Pietro F. Fochi, Former Youth Delegate of Italy to the United Nations joined from Zoom. The two trainers had prepared a specific training with seperate sessions including Model UN Basics, Preparation and Rules of Procedure, Journalism, Public Speaking and Resolution Writing. All of these training sessions helped the attendees get the best information and answer their questions and hesitations. 

For the second day of the event our trainers were Donika Çina, artist and cultural activator working both regionally and internationally, Eneida Oshafi, Conference Manager of MUN Albania 2019, Deborah Lika & Leonora Ukaj, board members of UNYA Albania. Ms. Oshafi started with a general training “The basics of organizing a MUN conference”  covering all the aspects which are needed to be understood by the staff working before, during and after the conference. Then, two separate training sessions were organized to meet the needs of specific organizing teams, Miss. Çina continued with the session “The message behind the image” aimed at the branding procedure and marketing of an event, simultaneously Miss Lika and Miss. Ukaj tackled the logistics matters of a large-scale event, in their session “Running the show” / logistics 101.  

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