The MUN Albania Initiative aims to promote MUN conferences in our country. It lays the groundwork for similar educational emulations. Since our goal as NGO is to promote the values and activities of the United Nations, we sure hope to see other NGOs, high-schools and universities commit to this initiative through organizing their own simulations of United Nations structures and bodies.
Overall, our main objective is to promote and foster the culture of multilateralism, dialogue, international cooperation, in dealing with fundamental issues and recent global developments. At the personal level, these conferences include and improve research, public speaking, debating and writing, critical thinking, teamwork, and leadership skills, all of which are valuable assets outside the scope of the MUN World.

Given the nature of MUN conferences as powerful platforms of non-formal education and the need to further educate the Albanian youth on the MUN world and the necessary skills required not only for participating to such conferences but also required by the job market, MUN Initiative satisfies it fully. Its structure is a composition of five scale-rated, build-up activities such as Internal Mock Debate, External Mock Debate, MUN Lab, Simulation Game and MUN Conference.

We welcome MUN enthusiasts, newbies, youngsters passionate on international relations, diplomacy or simply looking to practice some skills, to apply for the MUN Conference 2021.