In line with its mission and in continuum of pertinent activities, United Nations Youth Association of Albania (UNYA Albania) plans to organize a simulation of two important committees and a General Assembly of the United Nations, with the aim to promote and foster the culture of multilateralism, dialogue, international cooperation, in dealing with fundamental issues and recent global developments. 

In the framework of Model United Nations Albania Initiative (MUN Albania Initiative), we organize this Model United Nations Conference (MUN Albania) as an educational emulation, in which young people can learn more about diplomacy, international relations and the United Nations. MUN Albania includes and improves research, public speaking, debating and writing, critical thinking, teamwork, and leadership skills. During this activity, participants walk into a diplomat’s shoes, discussing one of the most salient issues faced by the international community and offering different solutions by adopting a resolution. Through simulation, they are interested in the views of different countries on the topic and plan negotiation strategies based on the interests of the country they represent.

MUNs are powerful platforms of non-formal education for young people. For years MUNs occurring globally have made an impact on the youth wishing to participate in discussing global matters. It is our belief that such events are hosts to many promising youngsters and it is our purpose to foster such a community within the Albanian youth.

MUN Albania 2021 is the fifth conference of its kind organized by the UNYA Albania. It outgrew the former MiniMUN Albania conference, which started off with 30 participants up to the last edition taking place in December 2019 which gathered participants from Albania, Hungary, Italy, Azerbaijan, and Germany. 

This edition of MUN Albania in partnership with United Nationns Country Team in Albania will include the simulation of two committees: one of the six principal organs of the United Nations, the Security Council and the world’s highest intergovernmental forum for public health matters, World Health Agency with the general topic being based on access to health and with each committee addressing access to health through the lens of a specific form of discrimination. In addition, this conference will conclude in the simulation of the General Assembly of the United Nations. We aim to continue to sustain the tradition of interconnectivity and expect an attendance of at least 50 participants. It will be supported by a staff of at least 15 volunteers.

We hope for our delegates to be ambitious in sustaining the good functioning of the international organizations fostering safety, stability, and dialogue. The simulation will try to give the participants the possibility to discuss in an environment where the main goal is the respect and preservation of the principle of consensus and multilateralism.

MUN Albania is an integral part of the MUN Albania Initiative, launched by UNYA Albania in December 2018. It stands together with Simulation Game and MUN Lab Albania, a trio of events aiming to further promote MUN conferences and culture in our country, and enforce collaboration with other organizations that wish to work in this framework.

The initiative and MUNs are an important arena for young Albanians who want to sharpen their skills (negotiation, public speaking, resolution writing etc), expand their network, practice their knowledge on a modern topic, discuss current issues and policies with their international peers while taking on the role of a real diplomat.

MUN Albania is guaranteed to be one of the most exciting experiences of the year.