In the words of Joseph Joubert :“It is better to debate a question without settling it than to settle a question without debating it”. This was arguably the main thought on the minds of the 30 participants of the first edition of MiniMUN Albania which took place in April 2017 in the premises of the Innovation Hub Tirana.


The conference brought a simulation of the United Nations Human Rights Council discussing on efficient ways to put an end to Modern Slavery. Twenty five youngsters aged between 16 to 27 years old played the role of Member States’ representatives in the UNHRC for three consecutive days, discovering the leader inside them while understanding the complicity of the topic and the importance of such institutions as the United Nations.


The Mini Model United Nations kicked off to an amazing start on Friday evening, due to the great course in diplomacy and the application of Human Rights practices that the Dutch Ambassador in Albania, Her Excellency Mrs. Dewi van de Weerd shared with the participants.


What followed where two intensive days of committee sessions, chaired by Mihai Dobai, a MUN enthusiast who traveled all way from Slovenia in order to occupy such a prestigious duty. The participants engaged in heated debates as they slowly got more confident and more familiar with their respective roles. The Media Team served as the “all-seeing eye” documenting every statement, unveiling secret plots through its breaking news posts and publishing El Mundo Alternativo. It’s safe to say that there were no clear winners or loser as the council adopted a peculiar resolution which, among other things, made prostitution illegal worldwide.


Regardless of the differences of opinions and the heated debates, by the end of MiniMUN everybody felt part of a small community of like-minded people who wish to spend their time learning more about the world and our societies, discussing ideas and opinions, and be actively engaged in their country.  Following its overwhelming success, MiniMUN Albana will be back this December 2017.


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