As all the conferences go by, the committees are evolving and trying to solve the main obstacles between the countries while making sure that they find the balance between ideas, solutions, and points of views. The debates are always present.

But what we found strange during this process was in the UN WOMEN committee where the main focus is to talk and bring solution to gender equality and empowerment of women, there was a despicable aura in the room.

The delegates of UN WOMEN are represented by females and the chair of the committee is represented by a male. Until now nothing strange had happened but as the debate arose and all the representatives were focusing on their own interests, the chair of the conference made a shocking statement: “Listen to the only male in the room,” according to a safe source.

Is this the right way to run a committee?

Naturally what we, as a journalistic institution, have our doubts about this being an appropriate way to engage with the delegates or is this a sexist statement made by the chair?

The Guardian is letting all the readers decide!

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