This edition of MUN Albania 2019 is taking place at the Ivanaj Foundations, who have offered their support to MUN Albania Initiative, providing the venue for our Conference.

The M. & M. Ivanaj Foundation Institut of Tirana, Albania is a non-profit organization that aims at promoting Albanian culture, nurturing young innovative, entrepreneurial ideas into meaningful projects and eventual partnerships and advancing education and knowledge in Albania.

The Ivanaj Foundations organize and facilitate a variety of activities: conferences, seminars, and training sessions within and beyond Albanian borders. This organization offers spaces, libraries, services and project management insight to aid the implementation of project ideas. They maintain close relations to similar institutions around the world.

In fulfilling their goals,  the Ivanaj Foundations consider the preservation of Albania’s cultural traditions and history, encouraging educational advancement and entrepreneurship.

We are glad that we, the organizers of MUN Albania and the Ivanaj Foundations have come together motivated by the same goal: Advancing knowledge and enhancing the skills of the Albanian Youth.

A special thank you goes to the Foundation’s staff who have been assisting with the activity preparations and supported our organizing team.


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