With each passing day, MUN Albania is approaching!

If you were accepted to the conference, beware, the upcoming month will be quite intense. Curious? Check out what awaits you :

First week of November

Come November, you will receive your country name and the conference materials. We highly recommend you read all the materials carefully, they will have a great impact on your experience at the conference. The whole month of November will be your preparation period! You will have to learn about your country politics, position to the topic of the committee you belong to and you will have to work on your strategy and your main speech. The true MUN fanatics will start working on their resolution ideas as well.

Tip: Try to keep up! Do not neglect the preparation period if you want your experience at the conference to be worthwhile. If you want the center stage you will need to earn it, so prepare well!

Third week of November – The MUN Lab 

What few of you know is that your MUN package comes together with the awesome MUN Lab. It is our purpose to help with your preparation to the best of our abilities. So no worries, you are not alone. What is most exciting about MUN Lab, is that you get to meet each other for the first time, assess your competition and start working on building up those alliances you have planned out in your strategy.

Tip: Do not miss MUN Lab – especially if you are a first-timer. You will get the exclusive chance to learn from experienced MUN experts who will share their tips and tricks with you, and from our Secretary-General directly.

The final days

Right after the MUN Lab you will need to have submitted your Position Paper. What’s this? It’s your main approach to the topic of your committee, your countries position to the subject. Your position paper qualifies your for the Best Delegate and Honorable Mention Awards. Without it you are not eligible for any of these awards during the conference, so do not fail to submit your position paper on time if you want to stay in the game with the VIPs.

Tip: Read other countries’ position papers. It will give you the material to tweak your own strategy and plan out your steps accordingly.


Stay tuned for more! This month is exciting for the organizers as well as we keep you up to date, so do follow us on facebook for news!

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