MUN Albania 2021 Activities

Activity 1: Opening Ceremony

  • High level conference with the organizers, representatives from the OSCE Presence in Albania, United Nations in Albania, the Albanian Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs etc.

Activity 2: Training Sessions

  • Sub-activity 2.1: Workshop with the participants on the Rules of Procedure, use of Slack
  • Sub-activity 2.1: Interconnectivity

Activity 3: Committee Sessions

  • 2.5 days of committee sessions which will finalize with the adoption/rejection of  3 resolutions.

Activity 4: Press Conference

  • A press conference at the end of each day of committee sessions.

Activity 5: Social Events

  • Sub-activity 5.1 : A guided tour for the international visitors of our capital Tirana
  • Sub-activity 5.2 : 4 Social events/gatherings taking place in different venues in Tirana (consisting of games, music, pub crawling or live events)

Activity 6: Closing Ceremony

  • A small farewell buffet


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