What is MUN Albania

In the framework of Model United Nations Albania Initiative (MUN Albania), we organize this Model United Nations Conference as an educational emulation, in which young people can learn more about diplomacy, international relations and the United Nations. MUN Albania includes and improves research, public speaking, debating and writing, critical thinking, teamwork, and leadership skills. During this activity, participants walk into a diplomat's shoes, discussing one of the most salient issues faced by the international community and offering different solutions by adopting a resolution.
Resolution Writing
Workshops & Round Table

The MUN Albania Initiative

Overall, our main objective is to promote and foster the culture of multilateralism, dialogue, international cooperation, in dealing with fundamental issues and recent global developments.


Why MUN Albania

Wondering why you should apply for MUN Albania 2019?
Public Speaking
Improve your public speaking skills
Resolution Writing
Learn how to write a resolution
Negotiating & Strategizing
Walk into a diplomat's shoes and discuss the most salient issues
MUN events
Hours of Discussion


Meet the people that are going to make MUN Albania 2019 happen!

MUN Executives

Detail-oriented, always focused, always in charge.

    Design and PR Team
    Design and PR Team

    Design and PR

    Unicorns, Curious, tech-geek, creative.

      Logistics Team
      Logistics Team


      Good with numbers, energetic, well-organized.

        Socials Team
        Socials Team

        Soul of the Party

        Enthusiastic, passionate with great sense of humor.

          Content Team
          Content Team

          MUN Coordinators

          Managers, challenge seekers, always on top of the to-do list.

            Contact us

            Rr. Frosina Plaku Tirana, Albania
            E-mail: mun@unyaa.al Phone: (355) 69-560-4694